Pastured Broilers

The Brooder

Chicks arrive at our farm as one day old pullets.  They are placed in a brooding house with fresh wood shavings for bedding.  They are generally kept here for the first three weeks of their life until they are big enough to navigate the pasture terrain and withstand the cool night temperatures without supplemental heat.

The PAstured Pen

Once the chicks have put on a little size and have acclimated to the climate they are moved to the pastured pens.  It's 10'x12'x2' high floorless and portable to allow unrestricted access to grass and bugs. Broilers are moved once a day to a new fresh green area of grass away from yesterdays excrement. This keeps the birds clean and less susceptible to sickness. It also gives an abundance of fresh grass, air, exercise, and sunshine.



We are currently taking pre-orders for our GMO/antibiotic/hormone/vaccination-free pastured raised broilers. By pre-ordering the amount of broilers you would like to purchase it helps us determine how many birds to raise per batch.  This is not a contract, but rather your commitment to purchase said amount of product from our farm.  We do not ship.  Birds should be picked up on day of slaughter and these dates will be communicated no less than one week in advance.  Our products are grown to order and have lead times.  You may Contact Us to see if there is any surplus products on hand.  Cash or check only will be accepted.