Our pigs are moved from paddock to paddock with the use of electrified fencing.  They are provided free-choice access to grain and water.  We allow them to root and wallow as they please.  Happy pigs make good bacon.  Bacon is, well, awesome.  

Pigs are in very limited supply and grown to order with a six to eight month lead time. In some cases buying a whole hog may be a little much at one time for storage reasons. Inquire on availability on halves and we'll match you order with another customer.

For our pig orders we use a "hanging weight" price per pound.  The average weight of a whole hog is 200-260 pounds live weight. You pay only for the hanging weight, which will be approximately 64-72% of the live weight.  If you interested in more details about how weights are figured, let us know.  Prices do not include processing fees.  We do charge a $30 delivery fee to the slaughter house.  Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing pork.  We can arrange to deliver to the slaughterhouse/butcher of your choice.  We do not process pork onsite.  

Pastured/woodlot Pork